Thank You God… For Kidney Stones!?!?!?!?

OK… Saturday evening, around 8:30, my kidney stone passed! I’m sure friends of mine in far off places could hear the strains of HALLELUJAH! on the wind!

In any case… It was just a couple of weeks ago that I preached that we should be “Thankful in ALL things.” Now I’ve been challenged, how am I giving thanks for this past week? Specifically, how do I give thanks for a kidney stone?

Well, after my recent doctor’s appointment, I have a found a way to do that very thing. It seems that when the doctors were running all their tests, particularly a CAT Scan, they noticed something like a cyst or something over on the other kidney. I didn’t think much of it (as you may recall I was entirely focused on the 2 mm. kidney stone in the right kidney).

I have met with the urologists and my own physician since then and it turns out that kidney cancer starts out like that. It seems that kidney cancer is not easily spotted in its early stages. And by the time actual noticeable symptoms of kidney cancer appear, it’s usually far too late to do anything. The only way the docs can successfully treat kidney cancer is IF they HAPPEN to notice a cyst or such while doing some other procedure or test. So there I was with a kidney stone and they did the appropriate tests and saw this cyst-looking thing on the other kidney! And they noticed it only because I had a stone! So… THANK GOD FOR A KIDNEY STONE!!!

Now, before we go any further, nobody says I have kidney cancer… I might… I might not. It might be just a cyst (in which case they do nothing) or a benign tumor kind of thing or perhaps cancer itself.

But now, at least, we know that there is a chance… which gives us the information we need in order to follow up and go through other tests. The point here isn’t do I or don’t I have it. The point is that God Almighty can use any situation for his glory and I believe this recent experience with a kidney stone is further proof of that.

I see a urology specialist next week in Pittsburgh to decide how to proceed and to see how they interpret the tests. I imagine we’ll have more tests to do.

I invite you to keep me in your prayers…



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3 responses to “Thank You God… For Kidney Stones!?!?!?!?

  1. You are in my prayers…as you know.

  2. When is your appt in Pgh? And where is it?

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