Remembering President Ford

I was 12 when Richard Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford became president. I remember that all of the TV stations (we got 3 stations out of Buffalo… most of the time) preempted their schedules right before that during the Watergate hearings and then the the uproar on TV and in the paper about Ford’s pardon of Nixon.

Even though I already was leaning towards the Democratic party, when we had mock elections in my school in 1976, Gerald Ford is the presidential candidate I voted for. He didn’t win, but he had won my respect.

Being a teen in Appalachian Pennsylvania, we didn’t follow politics much… but I had perceptions of President Ford as a man of honor… and I just found Ben Witherington’s blog from Sunday, December 31, 2006, where he shares about his personal experiences with the Ford family during and following Ford’s presidency. Check it out!

And thank God for Gerald Ford.


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  1. Ford, huh? I’m a Hyundai man, myself.

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