The Master’s Cup

A few days ago, my wife Gay received her diploma from IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) awarding her a Master’s degree in Community Counseling.

She actually graduated and was hooded in December, but I guess IUP sends its diplomas by mail AFTER they double check your grades and stuff. I’ve been meaning to write about it ever since the ceremony but, as you’ve read in other blogs, I’ve been a bit distracted (and almost overwhelmed) just doing the “gotta” stuff of my life in the last two months.
I’m pretty proud of Gay. You see, I endured my graduate program (United Theological Seminary, Master’s of Divinity, 1999) mostly because I was required to have the M.Div. degree in order to be recognized as having the requisite qualifications for valid ministry as an elder in the United Methodist Church. I didn’t want to go to seminary, but had to. So I endured it. (YES… there was much that I did appreciate and even, at times, enjoy, but mostly I just endured it).
Gay, on the other hand, chose to go back to school for a masters degree. She chose which degree she wanted. And she enjoyed it! She worked hard and did well. In fact, she graduated summa cum laud! THAT’s something to be proud of! She was even inducted into the counseling honor fraternity, Chi Sigma Iota, last spring.
Not only did she work hard for the benefit of her grades, but she also served as a great role model for our high school girls on the work involved to do your best academically.
It’s been a tough couple of years… lots of driving from DuBois to Indiana, lots of missed family times, still trying to be a support to her pastor-husband while she was in school, and several health related family concerns with our extended family (her side and my side). There were times that our kids had to settle for Daddy instead of Mommy (and this daddy is not as good as mommy is in a whole bunch of areas!), but it was worth it all to see her hooded (and now to see that diploma on her office wall). A mere three days passed before she went from former student to employed counselor! (And that was because she stood her ground and deliberately took off three days between graduate school and employment).

Here in the Mix house, we’re celebrating a job well done!

By the way, the title of this post comes from one of Gay’s graduation gifts, a large coffee cup from her Alma Mater, chosen because of our love for sitting and drinking coffee and talking together.
Thus… the Master’s Cup!


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4 responses to “The Master’s Cup

  1. Dayton and Gay:congrats on graduation and employment. Hope the new job is great!Randy

  2. Congratulations Gay, May the Lord use you for His service in this!

  3. WONDERFUL! Congratulations on your achievement, esp. involving such a fine institution of higher learning!

  4. Jan

    Congratulations Gay! You’ve proved it… hard work pays off in the end!

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