Hospital Notes

on Monday, Gay & I got to Pittsburgh at about 5:30 am with my surgery set for 7:30.

the surgery went well (or so they told me). I now have some laproscopic holes and some normal incisions on my left side where the kidney actually came out.


a friend (Keith) met us there, so even after I left, she didn’t have to wait alone.

People from ALL OVER have sent cards, flowers, phoned, and visited! WOW!!!




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4 responses to “Hospital Notes

  1. Jan

    We are glad things went well with your surgery. What a good friend you have in Keith! Keeping you and your family in our prayers. – Blessings, Chris and Jan

  2. Way to go Dayton…been praying for you and Gay. despite everything I’ve ever said about him, Keith is a great guy and a good friend. Get well brother!

  3. Glad you’re home. Rest well.

  4. Dorie

    I was so glad to hear this AM at breakfast that you were home. We get good updates from Shinglehouse.Now take care and heal well! God has things ahead for you! Hope to see you soon.

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