A Final Diagnosis…FINALLY!!!!

On Tuesday I got a call from Pittsburgh and the pathology report came back after being reviewed by Johns Hopkins Cancer Center and then on Friday I got the paper copy of the report itself.

YES the mass in my kidney WAS a cancer. A Renal Cell Carcinoma that they hadn’t seen before… it looked a lot like an oncocytoma (just a benign non-threatening kind of tumor that you shouldn’t have to worry about), yet it was really a malignant cancer.

BUT… it was caught so early that it apparently hadn’t had a chance to even invade the surrounding kidney cells, let alone make it to the urinary tract or the incoming arteries or the outgoing veins… or any of those other places. AND since we just simply removed the whole thing, it CAN’T spread!

No chemo, no radiology, nothing but get double checked every 6 months for the next three years… (like a CT scan and an ultrasound). THAT’s IT!!!!

We’re praising God on this end!!!!




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3 responses to “A Final Diagnosis…FINALLY!!!!

  1. Praise the Lord of healing…

  2. Praise God…thinking and praying for your recovery daily.

  3. (with the accompanying orchestra)Hallelujah!

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