God’s Workman

Lord God, you have placed me in your church. You know how unsuitable I am. Were it not for your guidance I would long since have brought everything to destruction. I wish to give my heart and mouth to your service. I desire to teach your people, and long to be taught your work. Use me as your workman, dear Lord. Do not forsake me; for if I am alone I shall bring all to nought. Amen.

Dayton Mix (2007) & Martin Luther (early 1500’s, as quoted in the April 6th entry of The One Year Book of Personal Prayer, Tyndale, 1991)


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2 responses to “God’s Workman

  1. Praise God…thank you Martin Luther and thank you Dayton Mix.

  2. Martin Luther Rocks and so do you 🙂That is one great quote!I have loved Luther ever since I read about him taking James out of the bible and then putting it back in when he realized what was meant in James by ‘works’ in relation to ‘justification’.“Simul Justus Et Peccator”simultaneously righteous and sinnerGod bless.

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