Mix Pix

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then today will be my longest blog ever.

The first picture is my new profile picture, taken by my friend Keith as he was playing with my Palm Treo at annual conference this summer.

I think it’s one of the first pictures of me without the beard I’ve worn since the Spring of 1991. This spring, I was having so much trouble wearing the CPAP mask at night that I finally shaved off the beard just before my surgery. Because of that the mask holds a better seal and very little air can escape now… which means I sleep A LOT better! Which was pretty significant as I went into the surgery and recovery time.
And of course, here is the photographer himself, practicing his new hobby over lunch while at conference.

The final picture is of our son Josh holding a doll I bought Gay a little more than a year ago.
The ironic thing is that there were two reasons I bought her that particular doll: (1) it was called “Joshua” and (2) it looked a lot like our Joshua when he was newborn.
In fact, when it was advertised in Parade magazine in Spring 2006, friends and family from all over the place noticed the similarities and sent us the ads.
So it’s been fun for us to watch Josh sort of ‘adopt’ the “baby Joshua” and talk to him. Yesterday, baby Joshua even had to take a nap with big Joshua. And he cuddled baby Josh in his arm like Mommy has often cuddled him.
Now is that a happy child or what???!!!

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