Next Great American Band

I have friends who faithfully follow American Idol and even blog about them. I’ve never seen much reason to bother with such fad shows… until last night.

There’s a new twist (from the same folks behind the American Idol craze I understand) where the competitors are bands, rather than individual acts. The show is on FOX on friday evenings at 9:00 and is called The Next Great American Band.

As I said, I saw part of one Americam Idol show once and I must have just caught a bad act because I’ve never since wanted to watch again. But my wife and I had decided we were going to attend a Christian concert sponsored by the Family Life Network with a group called Denver and The Mile High Orchestra this weekend and we found out the concert was cancelled because they were in Los Angeles for this competition.

Having heard the band’s Christmas album a couple of years ago and fallen in love with their integration of Christian with Christmas performed with a big band flavor, I DEFINITELY HAD TO watch!

I also really liked the Clark Brothers and Sixwire. I thought the kids group was cute… but then realized they were boys and weren’t trying to be cute. I didn’t like their music… it sounded like pre-pubescent voices trying to imitate something they once heard. Which is pretty much what the judges said as well.

To tell you how much this competition caught my attention… I actually called the number on the screen and voted for Denver and his band! And I look forward to next week in order to watch again!!!

Anybody else watching this? Any thoughts?


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2 responses to “Next Great American Band

  1. WFLN has a special spot for DMHO. One day, my son looked over at me and said “Can’t we listen to a real station?” A what? “You know, one that has words!” We were listening to DMHO as they showcased each section of the orchestra! This week was the first that I watched – I just found out that ‘London’ his daughter was born just days ago according to the website. I also voted for them. Not sure I’ll remember to tune in this week, but I hope someone who shares their faith – you caught that in the interview? – and plays music that is close to their hearts wins. You did mention idol – which I don’t watch – where it seems the runners up go on to ‘stardom’ and not necessarily the winners!

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