Returning to Narnia

I’ve just finished a SLEW of odds and ends from statistical reports (yes… they were done and submitted by the Jan. 31st deadline) to meetings with construction people and inspectors about our almost finished building project to simply cleaning out boxes of stuff I had put off ‘until I have more time.’

All of that to say, I haven’t had time to blog unless I gave up something else I was supposed to do… so I haven’t blogged. And today will be short as well.

I have been reading a devotional that highlights various passage from C.S. Lewis and I am currently listening to a CD-college course on his life and writings. He and Tolkein are my two favorite authors of fiction and Lewis and Dr. Gary Chapman are my two favorite authors of non-fiction. I guess that makes Lewis my overall favorite.

So it is with JOY and great anticipation that I saw the trailer during the Super Bowl for the upcoming Narnia movie: Prince Caspian. This morning, when I took a break from some paperwork, I found another trailer… and I wanted to share it with someone… so here it is!


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  1. Anonymous

    yes i look forward to seeing this movie myself. I like how you got this attached to your blog

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