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When I see the blood… a.k.a. Passover

I took my wife to her doctor yesterday afternoon and as we got back into the van I cracked my head on one of the little doors hanging from the ceiling that normal people use for sunglasses. Impaled is probably a more accurate term.

When I finally was able to pull my hand away from the intense pain, Gay informed me that I was bleeding… in fact, profusely bleeding down the side of my head, neck, and onto my shirt. I put my other hand back to check and literally had a red hand.

So we traded places and she drove me across the street to the emergency room.

I learned a few things in the next 30 minutes:

1. The head is a VERY vascular area! LOTS and LOTS of blood!

2. Profuse bleeding seems to get you moved to the FRONT of the line in the triage area.

3. Even when the calendar says it’s the day of Passover, my wife still can NOT appreciate my jokes about “when I see the blood” people will allow you to “pass over” the line ahead of you.

The long and short of it is that I was treated, stitched up (four stitches… at the front of my ever growing bald spot), and the nurse and student nurse were cleaning up the blood from my hair and neck before registration was able to get back there and have me sign for treatment and ‘admit’ me to the ER. Literally three minutes later I was discharged and walking out.

Oh… and I was EXTREMELY cautious about getting back into the van to come home.

I’m fine… just embarassed… again!

Well, gotta go… today is the day the local men gather at the local restaurant for a 6:00 am prayer breakfast.

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