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One of my absolute favorite comic strips is KUDZU by Doug Marlette. In it, a teenaged boy in the South named Kudzu, learns about the world around him. There are different characters one might meet in a Southern small town, but my favorite is Rev. Will B. Dunn. Every so often he begins a prayer to the Almighty as “It’s me, Lord, Thy Will B. Dunn…” I love it!

Our local newspaper doesn’t carry this comic strip, so I subscribe online by email. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE GO COMICS SITE AND SUBSCRIBE.

This southern pastor is Kudzu’s confidante, coachs the church league sports teams, writes an advice-style “Ask the Preacher” column for his local paper, and he preaches, buries, marries, and counsels the variety of people in the town.

In any case, this is today’s strip and here are a couple of others that are favorites of mine.

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