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A Crafty Little Angel

I’m just starting to get to where I feel recovered enough to READ a blog, so this won’t be long… BUT when I was at the Allegheny General Hospital a lady named Dorothy brought up get well cards each day. (Mail Call is a wonderful thing!)
But beyond the cards, she gave me a little angel she had hand-made.

She said she had bought the head, the halo, and the harp, but everything else she made using noodles! A Peni noodle is the body/dress (sorry if I’m misspelling these… noodles are not my line of expertise… nor are crafts) and the arms are macaroni noodles. The wings are from a bowtie noodle and the hair is from pipi noodles (or something like that).

Any way… I was BLESSED!

Thought some of you crafty people might enjoy seeing this.

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