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Uncle Richard

I just finished reading “Christian History and Biography” (issue 89) from Winter 2006. The entire issue was about a distant relative of mine: Richard Baxter and the English Puritans. (He is my great-uncle with a lot of greats added on the front of that title. )
Amazing! I admire so much of their faith, their desire to live completely for God, and their attention to the Word, that is the Bible. My big problems are two: the seeming hatred towards those they disagreed with and the arrogance some seemed to have.

I want to do some more in depth reading of course; a magazine can only expose your mind and spirit to the most basic beliefs and history. One of my burning questions is why would they only sing the Psalms? Why not worship Jesus in their services with their singing? I’m sure there will be a load of more questions before I finish!

Anyone know a top notch overview? I’m sticking to the English Puritans for now, because I partly want to know more about “Uncle” Richard Baxter.

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