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Son Harvest County Fair

Vacation Bible School starts this evening! And the entire church (with the possible exception of my office) looks GREAT!!!! Decorations of a country style… The curriculum is called SON HARVEST COUNTY FAIR. A great portion of the week revolves around the idea of the Bible’s listing of the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)
Carlie Gritzer and her team (from here at First Church and across town from the CMA church of Reynoldsville) have done an AMAZING JOB!!!
I decided to join in the spirit of the week and have adopted the persona of “Sunny D” one of the fruit farmers that comes to the County Fair… Check out my new picture taken this morning in character…
Come visit us! 6:30 – 8:30 each evening Sunday 7/20 – Thursday 7/24 and then a celebration at our church camp on Friday night 7/25! Need more info? 814-653-8593

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Prayer Request… An Update

I appreciate everyone who has been praying for my mom. She’s actually gotten stronger… although not really better. The medical folks can’t do much… the cancer is there and she can’t tolerate the few things they know to try…

On Sunday, July 6th, I offered to lead a communion & anointing/healing service at the house when Mom was doing about her worst. I told her she could invite anyone she wanted. When the time came, there were more than 25 of us gathered around her and my step-dad Norm! We celebrated communion and then we anointed Mom (and then, Norm, as well) and laid hands on her and we prayed.

Mom has gotten stronger and stronger. Not better, but stronger. She landed back in the hospital at one point, but is back home now. In fact, her oncologist has decided that Congress ought to bring all our troops back home and just send my mom over… cause she keeps rallying and gets stronger! Nothing really seems to stop her!

We recognize that the day will have to come soon where either Jesus intervenes in some miraculous way to remove the lung cancer and its associated brain tumors, or else the cancer will finally stop Mom… or at least her body. Meanwhile, we all are enjoying the knowledge (and the experience) of seeing Mom ENJOY most of her day… almost every day… pretty much free of pain. Family from afar has been able to come. Friends and neighbors are stopping by. This part is good!

Thank you… and please continue to pray…

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Prayer Request

The doctors informed us yesterday that there was nothing more they could do for my mother at the hospital. So they released her to go home. Visiting nurses and hospice are our connection to the medical community now. The doctor thought we only had a couple hours but so far she has gotten her strength back a little. The cancer in her lung is NOT gone, and the tumors that spread to her brain have been somewhat controlled by the radiation… but it is her heart that’s doing her in. Her heart is simply racing most of the time… sort of burning her out. They tried the medicine that they use for that with other people, but then her heart rate started to have 20 to 30 second stops where the EKG was literally a straight line. So she’s at home, and she feels better just by being able to get some rest and by having family home. My brother lives close to her and his daughter, her boyfriend, and my brother’s granddaughter are all up from Demopolis, Alabama. My sister got in on Thursday from Montgomery, Alabama with her son. Josh and I are hanging out as much as possible… I’m taking vacation for a while in order to be with her as much as I can.

Please pray for a peaceful end and for healing and comfort in our family.


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