Western Pennsylvania

Bio: I'm a husband, a dad, a pastor, & a grandpa, too! Those are the basic hats I wear in my daily life. I was born & raised in rural Pennsylvania couple of miles from the New York border in a small town, Shinglehouse (Potter County). I struggle with my weight & my own quirks just like everyone else does. I became a United Methodist pastor in 1996 and was ordained in 2003. While I'm officially Methodist, I also consider myself a “charismatic” Christian, as well as an “evangelical”, although not everything identified with either of those labels fits me perfectly. I enjoy genealogy but seldom have time to do much with it. I like playing with eBay and Amazon. I like to read, watch movies, camp, hike, and talk. I volunteer with our local Ministerium and with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I LOVE to write, but usually don't worry too much about formal grammar... instead choosing to write as I probably would speak. And even though I can spell pretty well, I'm a lousy typist, so be gracious. I update my facebook, twitter, and blogs as often as I can, but I have a real life that demands me NOT being at the computer all the time... so there are dry spells!

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