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REVIEW: Twilight

I had seen commercials for the movie of Twilight, but really had no idea how those few images were woven together or even if they were in the actual book. (Hollywood seems to not always know how to read)
I was pleasantly surprised. Here was a story that I could tell had a romance in it, but I knew that before hand. NOTHING else was ‘predictable’ to me. I really enjoyed that part.

The story, at times, was a little wordy and I found myself sort of speed reading through some of the longer descriptions in order to get back to some kind of action, but they were few and far between.

I particularly liked the mental image the author gave of how difficult it is to struggle against temptation. Edward finds himself tempted and does everything (at least at first) he can to keeep himself safe from yielding to that temptation. He can’t just deliberately put himself in temptation’s way. That’s a lot like us in the real world. Alcoholics shouldn’t go to bars… not even for a coke or to play a game of pool. Vampires shouldn’t expose themselves to the blood typing experiment in science class. A young man shouldn’t alone with my daughter (ok… I digress).

Ultimately, I don’t care much for the vampire genre, but this author has woven a backstory so complete and so ‘logical’ that I enjoyed this book.

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