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King Arthur and the Great Courses

I just finished the course titled King Arthur: History and Legend published in 2015 by The Teaching Company as one of their Great Courses series. I thought I already knew the basic story/chronology of King Arthur and his knights, wife, court, and kingdom. HA! I was pleasantly surprised as I watched and listened to these 24 course lectures by Arthurian expert Dorsey Armstrong of Purdue University.

I have often appreciated the Great Courses series, but most have been connected to my “job” as a pastor either in some administrative role, public speaking skill, counseling or philosophy background, or some connection to the church or religion in general throughout history. This was one of the few where I “took” the course just for the fun of learning something new.

I was able to do that because The Teaching Company has come up with a pay one price and get access to all their newer streaming video courses… And they offered a one month free trial, which is how I connected! Check it out!

(And no, they didn’t reward me or give me something to get me to give them a positive review.)

While I’m in this trial time of their Great Courses Plus program, I’ve also been learning about How to “Read” (and write) Egyptian Hieroglyphs, hearing some of the behind the scenes stories about the American Founding Fathers, and the basics of playing guitar.

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A New Start…

Yesterday, Josh got to start school for the first time yesterday. We have a new pre-school program in our district and we went and visited on Tuesday and then he started on Wednesday.

Of course, my son has never had to line up before… and as Gay dropped him off for school the teachers were getting the kids lined up to go to the bathroom to wash their hands… and she heard Josh declare: “I’M FEELING GWUMPEE!”

The teacher later told me that he declared he was “ANGWEE” when he couldn’t keep playing at the sand table. She wonderfully dealt with it and he was happy again in no time.

One of the problems I feel I had as I was growing up was that I never really learned how to express what I was really feeling inside (appropriately at least). I guess our goal of teaching him to identify and express emotion is working! (Now, how about tying shoes or picking up toys???!!!)

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