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From Caterpillar To Butterfly

My son Josh found a box with a caterpillar magnet in it and asked what it was. So I  showed him my original post from March 2, 2007. Here it is again:

My three year old son Joshua received a package in the mail the other day from our district superintendent. I didn’t think this too odd, since she has made a habit of sending birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day cards with small gifts to all three of our kids. However, Josh was the only one to receive a package this time… and I couldn’t think of what the occasion might be.

Turns out, it was a visual aid learning devise to help small children understand Lent & Easter! Titled “From Caterpillar To Butterfly,” it is a magnetic caterpillar made up of a head (labelled JOY), four body parts (labelled PEACE, LOVE, HOPE, & FAITH), and a tail (labelled PRAYER).


Along with the caterpillar comes a child friendly prayer card with an explanation and a prayer for each week.

On Easter Day, you rearrange the pieces of the caterpillar and get a butterfly! What a GREAT explanation of Lent & Easter!

Josh, who absolutely LOVES magnets to start with is enthralled with this gift! He arranges and rearranges it several times a day… In fact, to walk into our kitchen and look at our fridge is almost to see the little caterpillar move around the fridge. (And when he gets ‘out-of-shape’ I’ve noticed the older girls reconnecting him back into his all-together caterpillar shape!)

The original posting can be found by clicking here.

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Genealogy and Mixed Genes

I have another blog called MIXED GENES, in which I share some of the snippets I’ve discovered as I researched (and still find in current researching) my own family roots.

Check it out!!!

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